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The challenges in the industry are getting bigger and the bar is being
raised even higher in terms of safety, efficiency and competence.
Where is the industry headed? How can today’s generation access
decades of offshore drilling expertise? How do we modernize
our working practices? How do we innovate? How do we ensure the
integrity of our assets? 
In other words: How can we adapt to current
market challenges and opportunities in order to build a stronger industry
in the long term?

New video Available: Are we ready for recovery?


Knowledge platform

During the past few years, the industry has lost valuable knowledge through the attrition of a significant share of the more experienced, senior workforce. The academy is Allrig’s effort to stem that exodus of knowledge and ensure that a well-qualified, competent, new-generation-workforce is fit for duty.

Through the Allrig academy, which is a connected network of some of the industry’s most knowledgeable people, Allrig’s experts will share their knowledge, experience and ideas. From short explanatory videos, industry discussions, and topic specific conversations to customized training programs.

Do you have an idea for a topic of discussion? Let us know: please send an email to and join the conversation.

Academy videos

At Allrig, we believe that interaction- and collaboration between all stakeholders is key to building a stronger industry. Working together in smarter ways and keep challenging the status quo is our goal.

Through the academy we will share the knowledge and experience from Allrig’s experts to contribute to that goal. We thought, how can we better share this information than through the exciting, fast, flexible, all-embracing, interactive medium ‘video.’ Short explanatory videos, more in-depth industry discussions with Allrig’s experts on specific topics, interviews and conversations: all is possible.

Ready for recovery?

Where is the industry headed? How do we ensure our fleet is ready to go once the market recovers? What challenges could arise during rig reactivation? In this video, Allrig’s jacking system experts share their ideas, knowledge and experience, specifically on how we can work together in smarter ways to be able to adapt to tomorrow’s challenges.

Customized training programs Allrig academy

Over the years, we have worked with our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), to codify their tribal knowledge and experience, and then reproduce it in customized training programs to ensure that the integrity of your valuable equipment is being well maintained. By working with clients and class bodies, we have honed these courses to provide the perfect blend of classroom and hands-on training. This hybrid approach helps create competence rather than knowledge alone. Our courses can be delivered at Allrig’s academy locations, at your location or via webcase. The content is of course customizable to meet your specific needs.

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