Oil & gas drilling

The energy industry depends on valuable resources which are Photo
sometimes difficult to reach. The challenges for the oil & gas
drilling industry are getting bigger and the bar is being raised
even higher in terms of safety, efficiency and competence. 
Where is the industry headed? How can today’s generation
access decades of offshore drilling expertise?


Allrig’s approach fills an unmet demand. By offering time- and
cost effective global one-stop shop service solutions, we are a
credible alternative to the major OEMs, shipyards and inspection
houses. Not only can we match the scale and level of a major OEM,
we also bring a can-do attitude to our work.

Revenue efficiency

Drilling for hydrocarbons is in Allrig’s DNA with our heritage businesses having been formed on the back of the growth of the industry, both on and offshore over the last 30 years. At Allrig we understand the rig owner’s world and the need to maintain safety and quality while staying operation and ensuring revenue efficiency. That’s why the geographic footprint and products and services of Allrig have evolved in response to the voice of our customers. Allrig’s approach to oilfield service brings together the expertise of some of the best independent service companies and their experienced specialists from around the world. With decades of offshore drilling experience, and presence in every major drilling region in the world, we can offer you a global one-stop shop for all your fleet management needs.

One-stop shop service

From single parts to complete service solutions, we provide an ever expanding and innovative range of complete service solutions that go beyond the typical service approach in the oil & gas drilling market. In Allrig, the drilling contractor has a one stop shop for inspection, remediation, stacking, reactivating, upgrading or decommissioning of their fleet. Our world class techs are stationed in region and can perform works on location or in our network of global facilities, including quayside where required.

Tailor-made solutions

The decades long heritage of each of our divisions means that we can call on unrivalled, multigenerational experience, competence and expertise. With over 60 years of experience in the drilling industry, we have developed a range of niche services that are tailored to meet your needs.

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