Oil & gas production

Success requires technical innovation and dedication to DSC_0615-aangepast-AvBB
keep exploration and production on track. The challenges
in the oil & gas industry are growing and the bar is being
raised even higher in terms of safety, efficiency and competence. 

What if one partner offered global solutions and support, met
the highest accreditation and safety standards and was
there for you 24/7? We promise a refreshing ‘can-do’ attitude
and a hands on, personal approach to solving your problems,
when and where you need us. 

Asset integrity

Asset integrity is paramount in the upstream production sector and Allrig is well placed to help whether it’s an FPSO, fixed platform or onshore installation. Our world class inspection services can bring the latest techniques in NDT and visual inspection to bear to minimize interruption to your production. If an issue is discovered our vast electrical, mechanical and hydraulic expertise ensures that we can customize a solution and project manage it through design, manufacturing, installation & commissioning.

Our capabilities and global footprint are also ideally suited to decommissioning of assets which have surpassed their useful life. With the service reach of a major OEM but the feel of a local independent we can support your local operations on a global basis.

Hands on approach

We promise a refreshing “can do” attitude and a hands on personal approach to solving your problems and looking after our clients. We will keep challenging the norm and pushing the boundaries and we will never take your business for granted. The Allrig field service team, who are competence assured and trained in the Allrig academy, are the best in the industry. All ready to empower your business and dedicated to meet your operational needs.

Hydraulic crane care 

Wear and tear on cranes is a normal phenomenon that occurs as cranes are subjected to a number of forces. Factors such as corrosion, fatigue and in extreme cases machinery failure can be detrimental to crane operations. At Allrig we strive to empower you with quick, innovative and economical solutions to minimize the downtime on your cranes and thus to minimize downtime of your vessel or platform.

Mobile Offshore Production Unit (MOPU)

A portable structure that can be reused in offshore well production? This is made possible through MOPUs (Mobile Offshore Production Unit). Being portable, a MOPU can be a more feasible and less expensive oil producing unit for offshore locations. The financial advantages that come with the conversion of for example jack-up drillings rigs to production units makes that more MOPUs (both new build and converted) are currently entering the market.
Considering the technical knowledge about jacking systems and drilling equipment that is required in order to operate a MOPU in a safe and efficient manner, Allrig can offer assistance. With more than 60 years of experience in the oil & gas industry, Allrig is your one-stop shop service partner. You can be assured that our technicians have seen your problems before and solved them. From inspections and repairs to manufacturing, commissioning and decommissioning: we empower your business by offering effective solutions in a timely manner. More about our services >

Welding servicesWelding services

Allrig is certified for the common construction welds. According to our client’s needs, we have the ability to upscale with the crew to the required quantity and quality in a short period of time. Our welding services include fit-up and welding pipe-work, constructions like platforms, handrails or even high-tensile steel and many more. More about welding >

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