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Allrig provides an ever-expanding and innovative range of complete service solutions that go beyond the typical service approach in the energy industry. With decades of technical on- and offshore experience, we offer our services in tailor-made, flexible packages, leading to both time and cost savings.


To keep exploration and production on track, technical innovation and determination is vital. The challenges in the energy industry are growing and the bar is being raised in terms of safety, competence and efficiency. The industry is dynamic and constantly in search of robust partnerships with key industry players.

As stated by our CEO Mark Hannigan: “Consolidation and collaboration is vital in order to improve. Through innovation & partnership we can create a stronger industry long term.”

Lee C. Moore, A Woolslayer Company

We are very pleased to announce that we have completed the signing of Allrig’s partnership agreement with leading drilling structures company Lee C. Moore, A Woolslayer Company (“LCM-WCI”).

Partnership Lee C MooreEnhanced drilling structure support

The partnership with LCM-WCI will further enhance our drilling structure service support. Allrig’s CEO Mark Hannigan explains: “Allrig is delighted to enter this partnership with Lee C. Moore, A Woolslayer Company, which further enhances our drilling structures inspection and repair capability. By combining the OEM credentials, world class engineering and service experience of of LCM-WCI with the responsiveness and competence of Allrig’s in-region service capability, we can now offer our clients the level of drilling structure support they need. As always, Allrig is focused on Keeping You On Day Rateand this agreement improves our ability to do just that.”

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Allrig- Global one-stop shop

We support your total fleet 

For those times when a quayside outage is unavoidable, Allrig has expanded its low cost, jiffy lube™ style alternative to the major shipyards. Our virtual concept is called Total Dock a ground-breaking concept that promises to deliver complete service solutions around the globe. From inspections, repair and maintenance to lifetime extensions, all is possible. By combining the technical strength from multiple specialized partners as one, we offer a single contact point for clients who are looking for a varied scope of services.

With our global presence, we can offer a ‘pop-up’ rig project workshop in any quayside, port or shipyard in the world. This ensures that our clients can receive the same consistent levelof service regardless of vessel type or location.

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All-inclusive maintenance at a predictable priceRig3Sixty

With this total healthcare maintenance program, also known as the Rig3Sixty concept, we are packaging all inspection, parts and certification costs into one modest daily rate – closing the 360 degree circle. As partners, we share both risk and reward with you. Transforming your unplanned capex spend into a predictable and bite-sized opex spend.

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We promise a refreshing ‘can do’ attitude and a hands on personal approach to solving your problems and looking after our clients. We will keep challenging the norm, push the boundries and never take your business for granted. So we challenge you to challenge us: Let us know how we can help you to better meet the challenges your business is facing. Please send an email to or contact the nearest Allrig facility and we will be in touch.


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