Lifting & mechanical systems

Allrig values having stock available in all major global drilling locations. That is why we maintain inventories at locations around the world to support land and offshore drilling operations. We keep numerous parts for key systems in inventory, to reduce lead times during critical moments. Where required, components receive class approval prior to shipment, and our service technicians are available to install and commission them worldwide. 

Smart solutions

Besides the key systems we manufacture, Allrig also specializes in manufacturing or sourcing hard-to-find parts or parts where the OEM no longer exists. We offer customized engineering, design and manufacturing packages for unique challenges that may arise. 


Lift & roll

The Lift & Roll system was designed to replace older and more cumbersome skidding systems. Our systems are designed to incorporate speed of movement, minimize downtime, and enhance operator safety.
The Lift & Roll system allows the drilling package to be relocated quickly and efficiently with the drill pipe in the derrick. We provide engineering support to adapt the system to your specific needs, and our experienced personnel provide complete installation, commissioning, and training support.


Our systems are available with lifting capacities up to five million pounds, and move at a rate of 16” every 2 minutes. Depending on the application, the systems are designed to move on the X and or XY axis and provide a lift of 1 to 2 inches. The systems can be adapted for either onshore or offshore use, and we can design/manufacture new lift beams or work with others to adapt our system to the existing substructures. Each system includes a control panel and optional hydraulic power unit. The control panel is compact and can be mounted anywhere, thus enabling the operator to monitor and control the skidding process.


Components lift & roll system

  1. Guide pin
  2. Roller rack
  3. Roller
  4. Roller tray
  5. Push pull cylinder
  6. Lift cylinders

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