Installation & commissioning


Whether it’s a quayside, offshore or dry dock project, Allrig is able to assist. After many years of experience working on all types of rigs, there is not a single piece of equipment that our personnel have not worked on before.

In addition, we have all of the required certifications to ensure our work – and your rig – is in compliance. Allrig is the smart partner for the installation and commissioning of, for example, anchor winches, BOP overhead trolleys, crane winches, hydraulic cylinders and pedestals for burner booms, and much more.

Jacking systems

To empower your performance, we assist clients with all types of jacking systems – from the most common to one-off and obsolete designs. We perform installation of components and recommissioning services on jacking systems, and also provide post-5 year SPS and other special surveys.

MLT cranes

Allrig can take on the entire scope of commissioning and reinstalling MLT cranes. Our team can also perform a complete function test, along with other required tests, like a pull test to complete the commissioning phase. To minimize downtime, we ensure the crane can be commissioned as fit for service in a fast, efficient manner.

Drilling derricks

Drilling derricks are typically installed in 2-3 sections. However, depending on crane capacity, it is possible to install an entire derrick in one lift, which has been fully outfitted with all OEM equipment, electrical, mechanical and piping systems. This enables a ‘plug and play’ fast start-up and commissioning process. Drilling masts come in various forms and can be assembled (‘rigged up’) and installed rapidly.

Start-up & commissioning programs

Allrig carries out pre-commissioning checks prior to the commencement of the commissioning program. Endurance testing is part of the commissioning process and is carried out on OEM equipment such as the Drawworks and TDS. These are just two of the many activities Allrig undertakes during the drilling derrick commissioning phases. We also ensure compliance with class society and OEM requirements.

Welding services

Allrig is certified for the common construction welds and has the ability to upscale with the crew to the required quantity and quality in a short period of time according to the client’s needs. Our welding services cover fit-up and welding pipework, constructions like platforms, handrails or even high-tensile steel, and buttering up the rack profile of the leg.

Quayside services

Allrig will partner with your preferred rig repair shipyard to ensure you receive our consistent one stop shop service regardless of location.

  • 5 year SPS
  • Annual periodic
  • Emergency repair
  • Pre contract commencement

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