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Allrig offers a credible and cost effective alternative to the major OEMs, shipyards and inspection houses. Not only can we match the scale and level of a major OEM, we also bring a can-do attitude to our work.


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We understand that safety, qualitiy & efficiency are your operational priorities. At Allrig we strive to empower you with quick, innovative and economical solutions to maximize your uptime while on contract and minimze downtime during planned out-of-service periods. From single parts to complete maintenance projects, we provide an ever expanding range of complete service solutions that go beyond the typical service approach in the energy industry.

Tailored efficiency

With decades of combined experience, Allrig offers a raft of niche services that are tailored to meet your needs. Whether it’s performing an UWILD inspection on a jack-up rig in the Middle East while on dry tow, assembling a derrick on a semi-submersible off the coast of West Coast Africa, repairing a crane in the Gulf of Mexico or completing essential shutdown maintenance at a power plant in Northern Europe, Allrig has you covered. With our unique heritage and global footprint, We are able to deliver our specialized offshore and onshore services through one PO and one vendor registration. In short, Allrig has the full spectrum of expertise and services you need to maintain your competitive advantage in the industry.


One-stop shop service

From inspection and testing to spare parts supply; from repair and manufacturing to overhauls and upgrades; from rope access to engineering solutions. At Allrig we strive to empower your opertational performance performance day in and day out.

We challenge you

We promise a refreshing ‘can do’ attitude and a hands on personal approach to solving your problems and looking after our clients. We will keep challenging the norm, push the boundries and never take your business for granted. So we challenge you to challenge us: Let us know how we can help you to better meet the challenges your business is facing. Please send an email to newsletter@allriggroup.com or contact the nearest Allrig facility and we will be in touch.
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